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Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

Washington University School of Medicine

Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences

Ph.D. Program in Computational & Molecular Biophysics

Other Ph.D. Programs in the Division

Bernard Becker Medical Library

Washington University in St. Louis (Hilltop Campus)

Dr. Timothy M. Lohman

Our fluorescence work is done in close collaboration with Dr. Lohman and his lab.

Dr. Elliot L. Elson

We are collaborating with Dr. Elson on single molecule spectroscopy projects.

Dr. Jay W. Ponder

Auther of TINKER, a complete package for molecular mechanics and dynamics of molecules, especially polypeptides.


Other Scientific Links

Agilent (Formerly Varian)

Manufacturer of our 500 Mhz and 700 Mhz NMR magnets.


Manufacturer of our 600 Mhz NMR magnet.

The Danforth Center

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. KBH is an Adjunct Professor here.

Dr. Michael Zuker

Michael Zuker’s RNA folding program mfold.

University of Toronto NMR Center (Dr. Lewis E. Kay)

Dr. Kay has generously provided most of the pulse sequences we use.

Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (Dr. Arthur G. Palmer)

Author of ModelFree, the package we use to analyze protein NMR relaxation rates.


“Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement,” a package provided by UCSF which we use for some of our simulation work.

The uRNA Sequence Database

National Institutes of Health

Biophysical Society

RNA Society

American Chemical Society

The Protein Data Bank

Dharmacon Research

Glen Research